Good Rules!!!

There are people all around who is selfish and mean. They just do is, hurt people… Really?  Why can’t everyone just be good and be loved by everyone? Afterall, life is short.       Anyways, bad things often happen to bad people. Sometimes bad things happen to good people for a good purpose only, because good people will not do anything to hurt anyone even in their worst dreams.       Why be bad and hated by every single human, when you can be good and loved by everyone? This biblical saying, “Treat everyone the way you want them to treat you” … Continue reading Good Rules!!!


Hi readers!  This being my very first post, i am giving the title “Living” as i am living by this day perfectly good 😀 I hope that everyone will be good out here. Looking forward to know you all 🙂 Well, i don’t specifically have anything in my mind right now to share about…  But since I’m typing this i am thinking to share a picture with you all. I made a heart with my hair and let my sister take a photo of it forcefully 😀 I was thinking why don’t i take some pictures and make memories when … Continue reading Living